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Since 2014 Black Girls Do mission is to honor and empower black women through action, celebration and solidarity. By curating activities that foster sisterhood amongst our members, the Black Girls Do social group encourages its community to find strength in each other's achievements while also engaging together in positive motivations for growth.

 I set out on a mission to bridge the gap between what was seen in mainstream media and reality - creating an empowering online and offline space for black women. This platform celebrates all we have achieved, while actively encouraging progression towards greater heights through activities and conversations. - Founder Leah J

Our Mission

Our Mission

 Black Girls Do Celebrating Black Women in Action mission is to create empowering spaces on and off line  for black women to reach their full potential with supportive communities where we can truly thrive. 


Our Vision

To build a space curated for and by black women , providing resources to elevate both our personal and professional lives.

Our Team.

We Need Your Support Today!

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