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Menstrual Matters Community GiveBack for Feminine Care


The Menstrual Matters Community Give Back for Feminine Care, formerly known as the Feminine Care Product Drive, was born three years ago. Founder Leah J was moved to action when she learned about the lack of access to basic feminine care products faced by young girls, including at the all-girls school her daughter attends. Hearing their stories through her daughter's experiences, Leah J was inspired to make a difference.


For 3 years Leah J sets out on a mission to gather donations to assemble fem care boxes for placement in a partner school in Washington DC specifically each young lady's locker.. This initiative ensures that girls have easy and quick access to essential feminine care products such as sanitary napkins and pantiliners for their personal use. The goal is to not only provide for their immediate needs but also, through any surplus donations, to replenish or establish a fem care pantry at the school, further supporting ongoing access to these crucial items.


I'm thrilled to announce that this year, we've introduced our very own branded fem care boxes. These boxes will be filled with the donated items and distributed to each young lady at our partner school in Washington, D.C. It's a significant step forward in making our initiative more personalized and impactful.

Leah J 

Founder and Creator of Black Girls Do Celebrating Black Women in Action

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