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Reasons Why You Should Donate

  1. Help offset the start-up costs: Starting a 501c3 can be a challenging and expensive process, with costs including obtaining a federal tax exemption, liability insurance, and more. Donations from the public can help to offset these costs and allow the organization to focus on serving the community effectively.

  2. Empower Black women: By supporting the "Black Girl Mecca of Advancement Hub" initiative, you are empowering Black women in the community by providing them with resources and programming that can support their growth and development.

  3. Create a brighter future: Investing in the success of Black women is an investment in the future of our community. The "Black Girl Mecca of Advancement Hub" initiative has the potential to create a brighter future for Black women and society as a whole.

  4. Support community-building: The initiative will create opportunities for community-building among Black women through events, programming, and co-working spaces. Donations help to make these opportunities possible and support the development of a strong, supportive community.

  5. Make a difference, no matter the size of your donation: Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Your contribution, no matter the amount, helps to support the advancement of Black women and the success of the "Black Girl Mecca of Advancement Hub" initiative.

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