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I'm Lai A., the Owner of She's Royal Co.

I'm a native New Yorker with a soft spot for Georgia and a wandering heart for places I have yet to visit.

I'm a believer, dreamer, creator.

My personal motto is Pray, Plan, Execute.

I started my business after years of planning, decorating and hosting events for free.

I initially launched in 2014 as Kinky Concept Events but officially registered as a LLC in 2019 as She's Royal Events and Trips with a focus on women run small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In my first year when I wasn't working on events and trips; I was learning how to design custom products, researching and experimenting with essential oils, unveiling a skill for bead-work and developing a desire to help the women behind the businesses on a deeper level.

In the past year, thanks to Covid and divine timing, I have come to know myself and my business better.

Today She's Royal Co., stands as a self-care brand that encourages women of color to love more starting with themselves.


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